Crawford County Correctional Facility

Crawford County Correctional Facility

2100 Independence Drive
Saegertown, PA 16433
Phone: (814) 763-1190
Fax : (814) 763-1101

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Crawford County Correctional FacilityCrawford County Correctional Facility

The Crawford County Correctional Facility is located in Saegertown, PA. The jail has a capacity of holding 282 inmates. In 1996, inmates were moved from the old jail, which was located behind the Meadville courthouse, out to the new facility in Saegertown.

The Crawford County Correctional Facility has a staff of approximately forty five full time officers, six lieutenants, three sergeants, numerous per-diem officers, two counselors and a population control manager. The Facility has a work release program and inmate worker programs.



Visits are a half hour in length
Visits are given on a first come, first serve basis. Visitors must be signed in fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of visiting.
Every visitor present counts as a visit. This also includes children. Visitors age eighteen (18) and over must have a valid photo drivers license (from any state), or a valid non-drivers license photo I.D. (from any state), which will not be provided by the Crawford County Correctional Facility. Visitors under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must also be on the approved visiting list.
If you are unruly during visitation, the visit will be terminated and you could face criminal charges.
Inmates housed in IHU will have no personal visits until they are classified.
During classification the inmate will be responsible for placing up to fifteen (15) visitors, and their relationship, on the visitation list. Revisions or changes to visiting lists will only be completed by the Crawford County Correctional Facility Counselors.
Inmates involved in any facility programs or work programs will not receive visits during those times (with the exception of outside workers).
Visitors and inmates must remain seated during visits.
The institution will not notify a religious visitor who has been replaced or deleted from the inmate’s visitor list by the request of the inmate. It will be the inmate’s responsibility to notify the religious visitor that they have been replaced or deleted.
No person on probation or parole will be permitted to visit any inmate.
Any changes or variations in the visiting procedure will have to be approved by the warden, deputy warden, or shift supervisor.
NOTE: All visitors are subject to search.

Crawford County Correctional Facility

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